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Do you have some stories to tell or some tips to help out people? Do you love writing and want to inspire people, so here we are! If you are looking for a platform where people can read out your stories and learn from them, you are in the right place. 

Motivations zone welcomes your article submission with inspiring stories, secrets to share, and positivity to boost the reader. We offer high standard quality content to the reader. Only well-researched, informative, and useful articles are published on our website. 

Before submitting your entry, make sure you read our guidelines for article submission. This will increase your chances of getting your post reviewed and published. 

Guidelines for articles submitted to Motivations Zone

We are looking for motivational content that could inspire people. You can write anything about Motivation, Success, Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Habits, Work, Money, Technology, Cultural, Lifehacks Entrepreneurship, and productivity.  

Make sure that your article is informative, interesting, and has a sense of personal touch. You can share your story so that readers can relate to your article. 

While you submit articles, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. All the write-ups should be original, and you must have the right to publish them. We do not accept previously published articles, so try writing a new one.
  2. Your article should be thoroughly proofread with no grammar or punctuation errors.
  3. when you write for us, Try to keep the length of the article within 800 to 1000 words. If you are using an image then, it should be 10 to 20 kb only. Do mention the credits of the photograph by attaching the link. 
  4. Try to include your social media links like Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter account. Make sure to add your bio within 50 to 100 words. You are allowed two links of your choice to be placed one in your Author Bio and the second one in your content.
  5. Keep the font size and style simple. Avoid underline, italic or bold marks. Our editors will do the formatting, so keep your text simple and easy to read. 
  6. Make your content is appealing; add subheadings, and stories to make it interesting and avoid single-line content.
  7. We will contact you if your write-up gets selected. So, wait for our response.

Articles that will not review 

Articles with less than 800 words will not be reviewed. Make sure to create your original content that is not published anywhere, even not on your blogging page. We do not accept articles published before anywhere. 

Submit your articles in a word file or Google doc and avoid sending in HTML or pdf format. 

After reading all terms and guidelines, write your article and submit it to us. If your article is not selected, you will get a mail to re-submit it, or your article will be turned down. 

How to submit the article to the Motivations Zone? 

To submit the article, save it in the final draft, add the author bio and email address that you use. Make sure to turn on the edit mode while submitting the article in Google Docs or submit it in word

The author’s bio should be crisp and on point. Avoid writing big paragraphs. 

Add two social media or the website links that you think are most important, along with the article.

Share your voice with our community

Sharing your articles with us will help you in personal and professional growth. Our platform revolves around guest posts and speaking engagement. Our readers want to read stories that inspire them to work more and motivate them to increase their productivity. Let’s work together and help each other to grow and learn. 

Thank you for investing your time in reading our guidelines. So, please send your articles to info@motivationszone.com and join our family. 


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