Why do women have periods? | What is the evolutionary benefit or purpose of having periods? | Why can’t women get pregnant without the menstrual cycle?

Most of us know that women bleed every month, but do you know what exactly periods are? Or what emotional breakdown a girl goes through during this period. Many of us have no idea about how painful those period cramps are.

Periods are a natural process, but still, many of us fail to talk about it. We are ashamed or embarrassed in talking about Menstruation. So, in this blog, we will talk about what are periods? How to deal with it? What can you do to make your partner feel better?

Scroll down and read more to get a clear idea about a girl’s period!

What is a girl’s period? 

Period or also called Menstruation is the natural hormonal change in a female body. In this process, the female bleeds through her vagina for 5-6 days. This whole process repeats after 28-30 days in most cases, but the range can vary between 21-40 days.

When do women first get their period? 

In most cases, the period occurs by the age of 12. But this may vary between the age group 10 to 15 years as every girl has her schedule and time. Many girls get their period after two years of their breast growth or after they notice the vaginal discharge. This vaginal discharge occurs before six months or a year of your period.

If you don’t get your period by 15 or 16 years, consult your gynecologist. However, there is nothing to worry about it. This delay can be due to various reasons like weight gain, weight loss, too much exercise, bad diet, or family history.

What causes periods? 

Whether it’s men or women, everybody goes through hormonal changes. In a female body, periods are one of those hormonal changes. Ovaries release female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for building the uterus lining. This lining is responsible for receiving a fertilized egg. When the lining doesn’t receive any fertilized egg, it falls and bleeds.

Generally, it takes one month to build the lining; hence, this process keeps on repeating every month.

How does a girl feel during her first period?

Every girl has a different experience during her first period. Some are well aware of it, but some have no idea. From cramps to bloating to breakout or feeling tired are some common symptoms that hint your periods are coming. You might see these symptoms during your period as well.

Do you know what PMS is? PMS stands for a premenstrual syndrome which is quite common before period. Sudden changes in behavior or mood, or it becomes quite challenging to perform day-to-day routine activities. A girl during her first period might experience anxiety, discomfort, mood swings, body pain, and cramps.

You can consult your family doctor or gynecologist in case of any excessive pain.

What’s some best advice for a girl on her period?

Period or Menstruation is a natural process, so you don’t need to panic or stress about it.  Here are a few ways which might help you feel better during your period:

  1. You can use a heating pad to reduce your lower abdomen or back pain.
  2. Consult your doctor for over-the-counter pain or an anti-inflammatory drug.
  3. You can also take a warm bath to feel better.
  4. Try to do some easy yoga exercises. Go for a walk or swimming might also help you.
  5. Eat healthy food and avoid eating processed foods or too much salt.
  6. Caffeine might irritate your stomach, so try to avoid it in case of any cramp or bloated feeling.
  7. Maintain safe and clean hygiene. Keep changing your pad regularly.
  8. You can use period underwear which is designed to look and feel like regular underwear with extra layers and highly absorbent fabrics.
  9. Last but not least, there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about periods.

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How can you make a girl happy during her periods? 

If your sister, mother, wife, or girlfriend got their periods and you are wondering about how to make her feel special and happy, then the suggestions might help you out:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is maintain patience with her during periods. A woman might go through a lot of mood swings, so you need to be patient.
  2. Try to order, cook or bring the food she is craving. Chocolate, pudding, chocolate cake ice cream might help.
  3. Try to be a little more attentive towards her, like asking about her day.
  4. There will be a time when she wants to be alone. Watch her favorite movie and eat all day. So, try to give proper space to her.
  5. Period cramps are one of the most painful things that happen to women during their periods. So, try to distract her by watching a movie, spending time with her, and make her feel loved.
  6. Don’t try to be disgusting or gross. If your girl is on her period, try to talk to her, make her comfortable. Go out and bring supplies for her like a sanitary napkin.

A woman, during her periods, expects a lot from her partner. So, you need to act like a gentleman and behave like a good boy.

What do men/guys think about periods? 

Gone are the days when men barely had any idea about periods. But now, approximately 56.8 % of men state that they have learned about periods in school, while 21.9% said they learned about periods at home.

Men are becoming more neutral towards comfortable talking about periods. You will be surprised to know that one out of four men does not speak about period openly with family or friends. But 89% of the men are entirely comfortable talking about the period and buying menstruation products.

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Why can’t Indian women talk about Menstruation openly?

With Menstruation, there is a lot of stigma and taboo associated; one is that periods are considered impure. There are beliefs that a women’s body is contaminated when she is on her periods, so whatever works she does will be spoilt.

Whether it is a metropolitan or rural area, people never talk about it openly. As a result, there are lots of women who are unaware or not informed about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about periods. When a woman starts treating periods as natural phenomena, others will also learn to accept them.

What are some issues that women have while on their periods?

There are a lot of problems that women encounter during their periods:

  1. Bleeding disorder
  2. Taboo and stigma created by society
  3. Unable to access sanitary pads
  4. Spike in anxiety
  5. Pregnancy problems
  6. Lessor no information availability
  7. Lack of health care infrastructure
  8. Headache, Nausea, and Vomiting
  9. Loose motion or irregular apatite

Talking to a child about menstruation-Preparing for the first time

It is essential to prepare your young daughter in advance for her first periods. Many girls are still not given complete information about periods. As a result, when they encounter them for the first time, it creates panic and anxiety.

You can start talking about it in the form of a small conversation. Try to create a story and discuss. You need to be informative and inform your child. Try to answer questions like what, why, and how. As a parent, you must talk about puberty and mensuration. Your kids need to learn about his or her body changes. Try to explain to her that every individual body is different. The changes in her body don’t need to be the same as her friend’s body.

As a mother, it is your sole responsibility to help eradicate the negative impression of periods in your child’s mind. Teach your son to be sensitive towards periods; tell him what it is and how it happens. Explain to your child that it is a natural and excellent process of turning into a woman from a child.

What can we learn from the movie Padman?

Padman highlighted the issue of the Poverty period, sanitary pads, taboo, and hygiene. The movie gave us a short glimpse of how society especially women treats periods. In the film, women were not able to talk about periods openly.

Akshay Kumar, the male protagonist, worked and developed the first pad. He not developed a pad but also created awareness about periods and why we need to talk about them in our society. Even today, many women have no access to sanitary pads, and many are still using traditional methods like dry leaves, mud which are unhygienic and have health threats.

You bleed to create mankind. Have happy periods!

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