What to do If Nothing Makes You Happy

Work-life is just like human life. There are happy times and then there are bad times…So give time to this bad time…after some time it will definitely turn into a good time….and You have to love your work only either it is good or bad..Live happily instead of taking the pressure of it because it’s also an important part of our life…Shalu Prajesh

know who you are? 

This is your Life! It’s not your parents’ life, your boss’s life, your child’s life, or your spouse’s life. It is your life and only you know what is your spark and what gives you true joy. No one else can tell you how you feel and what to do with your life.

The only option you need to make is to choose the happy path. The only way to live in a better world is for each of us to put our real needs first and that is joy.

The decisions you make today and tomorrow are building your future and your final product. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential to living the best life possible for yourself and everyone you meet.

How do you want to feel at the end of your life? Decide it now and every moment from right here. Are you tired or are you excited?

Reasons why for many people, nothing really seems to make them happy and what we can do to instantly feel better:
1. We feel burned out and exhausted

Many people feel unhappy because they simply do not take care of themselves. They run from task to task as if they are running a marathon with no end in sight. No wonder they eventually burn out and stop enjoying the whole thing they do… High performers understand that it is important to engage in challenging tasks, but they should enjoy enough. they do it in three ways

Firstly, they take regular breaks throughout their day to refresh and recover from their daily activities. Even just 5 minutes of moving the body and taking a few deep breaths every hour can make a big difference. Especially when we plan for long breaks during lunchtime. Second, high performers take at least 1 full day off for quality time with their loved ones. Typically, this means no emails and no business-related phone calls.

Finally, high performers schedule vacations from time to time that allows them to completely take a break from their daily hassles.

I always do this by scheduling short getaways with my friends every three months… Not only do I feel well-rested and revitalized, but I also get creative.

Step of action: Take some time to schedule and plan the kind of vacation that will help you return home and feel rejuvenated and inspired.

2. We suffer from boredom

Often people feel frustrated because they don’t enjoy what they do. Professionally, this can mean that they do not get any real satisfaction from their job. For some, it’s because their work seems pointless, while others become so good at what they do that their day is filled with automatic routines that no longer excite them. People get bored outside of work because they lack the feelings of excitement and excitement caused by a monotonous lifestyle – everything seems to repeat itself without any element of surprise and thrill. And what happens when we get bored?

We try to distract ourselves by browsing the Internet, checking in on friends on Facebook, and eating junk food. These habits become addictive and rob us of our time and energy to engage in more fulfilling activities. We become less productive at work and less satisfied in our personal lives. To combat feelings of boredom, we must regularly plan new experiences. We do this by taking on new challenges and learning new skills to advance our careers, while seeking out new adventures during our leisure time, for example by traveling to new places, exploring new hobbies, or finding new restaurants Going in.

Step of action: Pick a new challenge for the coming month that will excite you and help you experience a breakthrough in your professional career, and set aside some daily time to pursue this new goal.

3.  We suffer from loneliness

Although the world seems more connected than ever, many people feel lonely. They either lack a circle of close friends and family members to enjoy or lack any meaningful depth in their relationships. Feeling lonely over time not only makes us sad but also harms our health.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to consciously improve the quantity and quality of our relationship. Ideally, we want to have at least a handful of like-minded ambitious friends who support us and we support them. If we don’t have this type of network, we should start meeting in a setting where it’s easy to meet our kinds of crowd, such as mastermind groups, seminars, or even sports clubs.

In addition, we want to give more attention and more essence to our most important relationships. It is easier said than done because we all live in a hectic and chaotic schedule with so many selfish people pursuing a very one-minded agenda. However, to enjoy a thriving life, it is important that we get into the habit of enjoying quality relationships again with our spouse, close friends, and family.

One way I do conversations with my favorite person or family member from time to time is video call and make sure we have a wonderful time together, free from any other distractions from our daily lives. We have fun together, share happy and sad stories and it makes both of us feel wanted and happy.

Step of action: Commit to improving your most important relationship and think of a weekly activity you can do with this person.

A Word From Motivations Zone

We all feel down from time to time, so know that you are not alone. The best way to be happy is to recognize your warning signs. Admit your reactions and observe your feelings and emotions, then take action!

Choose to live a happiness-centered life. Joy and gaiety should be the life you want today and tomorrow – it should be your ultimate goal.

“Pause, breathe and smile. Anything that adds to your stress is likely not worth pursuing.”― Majid Kazmi

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