What makes you happy?

Here are some points to What makes you happy?

Change your mindset

It may sound simple, but for some people with only momentary feelings of lack of joy, it may be all you need to change your mindset.
If you feel like you’re going to stop feeling happy sometime in the future, it’s important to stop using it as an excuse to avoid living your life now.

While bad things may have happened to you in the past, or you might not have everything you want in your life right now, everyone has some kind of story that weighs heavily on their heart is. How you think about your story and how you go out into the world and live with it is what sets you apart.

End the rumor and engage in problem-solving

Next, if you find that you’re ready to change your mindset about how you’re feeling, what concrete steps can you take to really get there?
One of the things that people who are feeling down is thinking about how they are feeling. is that you? Do you think a lot about how you don’t enjoy it any longer?

Rumination is a habit that can lead to a bad mood or feelings of lack of enjoyment. Try to be aware of your thoughts and look at the times when you move towards negative thinking.
Ask yourself, why am I upset? What do I need to accept, evaluate, or change? Complaining or ruminating about your condition may feel like you’re doing something when, in fact, you’re only making yourself feel worse.

Try to exercise at least a few times a week,

ideally for 30 minutes each time. Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins, which will naturally make you feel more energized and happy.

Develop Healthy Habits

Similar to getting regular exercise, make sure you inculcate other healthy habits in your life. Are you drinking enough water every day? Do you eat healthy every day and take vitamins regularly? Junk food, caffeine, alcohol etc. will work to worsen the bad mood, make you feel lethargic and keep you in a low mood.

On the other hand, healthy habits will give you a solid foundation on which to bring back your joy in life. Give yourself a chance to feel better by making sure you’re doing basic things to maintain your health and mental health.

Practice meditation and yoga

If you still find that you can’t reconnect with the joyful things in your life, try engaging in regular meditation and/or yoga practice along with breathing exercises.
Practicing regular practice will help you let go of negative emotions and stress, making you more peaceful, joyful and ready to have clarity in your life.

Reconnect with joy

At this point, you may be ready to add joyful activities back into your life. What did you enjoy doing? Whether it’s doing art projects, working in your garden, reading, watching movies, or other activities, dedicate some time every day or week to the things that bring you joy.
While you might not feel like doing these things right away, taking action to bring them back into your life will ultimately help boost your mood and bring back the joy you felt before.

And, if you have obstacles to doing things you used to enjoy, see if there are new activities that can take their place or other ways to do what you used to do.

For example, if you used to enjoy lunch dates with friends but no longer have the ability to meet them, see if there are any other social activities that you can do and find enjoyable.

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