10 Vision Board Ideas to Visualize Your Essential Goals

Vision in life is vital. It helps you to turn your present life exciting and gives you motivation. We always look for one or the other source of inspiration, but nothing can beat the encouragement given by your vision board. If you are also looking for some vision board ideas, this article is for you!

Here in this blog, we will talk about some vision board ideas for 2021 to help you out!

Before jumping into ideas, let’s first understand what a vision board is?

What is a vision board? 

It is a creative collage of some images, doodles, or quotations that inspire you to achieve your goals in life. It is a sum-up of the dreams and desires you want to accomplish at a point in life. A few examples of vision boards are images, affirmations, quotations, doodles, and a lot more.

Here are 10 vision board ideas to visualize your important goals

It is essential to stop and think about how your future will be? What do you want to achieve? This process is often called a vision for visualizing board ideas. This helps you in giving confidence and stay motivated throughout your life. Some of the best vision board ideas are:

Words have a significant impact

There is no denying that positive words fill you with great enthusiasm. So, how about starting your day by looking at the assertion that inspires you the most? You can take cut-outs from a newspaper or magazine or write them down in big, bold letters and paste them.

Quotations of the day

Quotes are a great source of inspiration and change your mindset. That is the reason they are excellent vision board ideas. Look for the quotations that give great motivation. Look at the quotes provided by your role models, teachers, or authors. You can also create your quotation or make a poem of your future goals and ideas.


You can use a cut-out of the images which you find relevant to your vision. These images will keep reminding you of your goals and aspirations in life. If you are an artist, try to create your art piece.

Arts and doodles

Art and doodle look great. But don’t overstuff your board with them. It should look artistic with the right approach. Don’t stuff irrelevant things.

Pictures of plants or nature 

Nature is the best healer. There is no doubt about it. So, adding a picture of the plant is one of the best vision board ideas. Whenever you feel low, you can look at the image for 5 minutes and feel energized. You can also talk to the plant’s picture and tell them about your goals in life. If you want to be a travel photographer then, these images will inspire you.

Create your own

If you feel that you cannot find anything in magazines or any digital platform, compile your favorite words or Mantra together. You don’t need to look for motivation outside if you have it yourself.

Your write-ups

If you want to be a writer, nothing can be as inspiring as your write-ups. Add the poetry you wrote some years back, or you created just now.

Decide arrangement

Before you start anything, make sure to organize your board and picture is it in your mind. We don’t want to overstuff it. Remember, this board belongs to your design. It displays the way you want.


We all have some songs that inspire us the most. So, how about using those lyrics for your vision board? Write down the lyrics of the music that inspire you the most and help you give some motivation.

Your Role models 

We all have role models in life, so use the pictures of your role models as a source of inspiration. It could be pictures of your family, your mother, your teacher, your favorite author, or anyone like whom you want to be in the future.

What do you need to create a vision board?

You need a few things before you create a vision board.

1. Before looking into new magazines in the newspaper, look for the old ones you have. Try to use junk mails, newspapers, and magazines before opting for new ones. If you don’t have any, you can ask your neighbors or friends for such material.

2. You need different papers, bulletin boards, tape or glue, scissors, a sketch of the rough layout, and your favorite background music.

3. If we talk about the electronic stuff that you might require is Pinterest, canva or Picart. These platforms are entirely your choice. If you are looking for electronic or digital media, you can go for canva or pic art, but if you want to create it, you can do that.

4. Last but not least, a healthy snack to make this task even more exciting is why you are working.

So, put your vision board ideas together and see what an art piece you can create. These vision boards work as a great source of motivation when you are at the lowest point of your life. Seeing the constant visual reminders of your goal hits your subconscious mind. It helps you to stay more focused and develop a sense set to reach your goals. Don’t let your creativity go in vain. Think about your vision board ideas. Hope our suggestions will help you out and inspire you daily.

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