Remote Work isn’t a Sentence: Motivational Tips To Get in the Mood

A couple of years ago we would wince at the remind of remote work. Work from home was perceived as something unstable, one-off, frivolous, and specific. Of course, even back then we could recall examples of successful homeworkers then, but these were isolated cases. An ordinary employee was paid below average, moreover, he was often deceived and left without a penny. 

Fortunately, now remote mode is rather promising and well-paid. This is a great opportunity for specialists dwelling away from the metropolis to get hired by large international companies and make a good living without changing their place of residence.  

How to Organize a Space for Remote Work?

Are you among those romantics who think remote employees can lie cross-legged in a hammock while sipping a cocktail? It is a myth. These Instagram pictures have nothing to do with reality. Not that you can’t try, but you will realize very quickly the fragility of this approach. You will not complete even half of the tasks set for the day. So, the least you can do is to equip a full-fledged workplace where nothing distracts you from work. Some of the basics are:

  • Computer. Better to say a good modern computer that can handle your work tasks. A home computer is not always suitable. Often you need to upgrade or buy a new one.
  • Desk. A convenient work desk. Not a kitchen annex or a coffee table. A full-fledged proper desk. 
  • Chair. A chair with the maximum comfortable position for you, so that your back does not get tired and it is possible to switch the position of the chair for different tasks.
  • WiFi. Excellent internet connection, it is already a life-and-death on a daily basis. 

Preferably, that your workplace is not in the bedroom or in the kitchen so that there is no temptation to daze off or sneak a look at the refrigerator. However, if this is impossible, then you can simply pick up a bright and comfortable area in the apartment. The best concentration is achieved when you work in a clean apartment. If there is dirt and dust everywhere, then work automatically ceases to be pleasant. 

If I Still Feel Uncomfortable Working from Home?

Remote Work isn’t a Sentence! So, you have equipped your workplace in accordance with all the requirements, but your productivity still drops. You should look for the reason then and try to change something. 

  • You’re sick of your current occupation

What a stroke of luck to live in the 21st century! Today the news on the job shifting shouldn’t surprise anyone as lifelong learning is a promising trend. So, life is your oyster – change your specialization, get reassigned, take courses, master a new profession. Then find a brand new dream job.

  • You are not satisfied with your salary

How much would you really like to make for a living? Formulate the precise amount first, it is going to be your limit and you cannot cross it. Ask for a rise first, probably, the problem can be solved with HR on a coffee break and you are biting your nails for nothing. As an alternative, if the workload on your current job is not too big, then find a part-time job that will be bearable.

  • You are not satisfied with the volume of work

Much as you hate to admit it, this problem came up for a reason. You might have bitten off more than you can chew and now you reap the fruits. Nevertheless, don’t burn your bridges fast, take time and speak to the manager first. Of course, if a mutually beneficial solution is not found, change your job.

  • You’re lacking communication with colleagues

Chances are, you are an extrovert. Extroverts find it particularly difficult to be working remotely. They rarely make such a shift of their own free will as a workplace for them is a source of interaction with mates, new acquaintances, and small talks. However, if it is an impasse and you are forced to work remotely – chin up! There is always a solution to a problem. Get yourself involved in social life as much as possible: attend group sports or creative activities, invite guests after work, get out into the city for partying, or just have a stroll in the nearby park.

  • You need constant supervision and help from a senior

In such a case don’t hesitate to ask one of the managers to hold a staff meeting for you once a week or once a day so that you can understand in which direction you are heading. Believe me, no employer needs an employee to feel stagnant because this affects the quality of the work done. You can help yourself as well – get creative and make a schedule to stick to during the day.

  • You feel like your activity doesn’t have a perspective

In fact, a remote professionalist has just as much chance of a promotion as office plankton. Working online opens up many opportunities for learning and exploring new horizons. Afterward, show your boss a diploma confirming new competencies, and promotion is just around the corner. 

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7 Rules to Stay Uplifted when Working from Home

Rise and shine, early bird!

The morning starts in the morning – that is the main ground rule. If blindly believed that remote workers have the luxury to wake up whenever they want while successfully coping with multitasking, you were myth-taken. It is preferable to wake up not too early and not too late between 8.00-8.30. If you want to be an effective specialist, then you need to work approximately in the same mode as the office. Typically, opening hours and online presence are negotiated when concluding a contract. Sometimes the employer requires the installation of a program on the computer that reads the working time spent on the network. If you don’t feel comfortable with such a requirement, then don’t take the job. 

Wake up productive

When working remotely don’t deprive yourself of an important part – morning setup. Find your own morning ritual. A favorite activity of the world’s leaders – a morning jog, can come in handy. Ever wonder about jog trotting neighborhoods with earphones and lycra? Then it is high time to start! Another option is meditation or yoga – the best activities to develop mindfulness and tune yourself for the best day ahead. It can even be a cup of herbal tea, the thing is it should be good for the mind and body. 

Concentrate on one task at a time, remove information noise

Remote Work isn’t a sentence! Multitasking is a myth. A person is not capable of simultaneously responding to e-mail from an HR manager, composing a letter to a client, making a layout, and chatting with colleagues. Break your day into equal chunks with breaks and do one thing during that chunk.

Breaks – to your discretion

It is recommended to take a break of 5-10 minutes every 45 minutes. For the third time, a longer break is recommended – up to 15 minutes. These are individual parameters. You may be comfortable working for 2 hours without a break, followed by a 20-minute coffee break. What to do during the break? It is not always about lying down on the sofa and staring at the ceiling. Walk around the room, reflect on something, do a warm-up exercise. Breathe and meditate. This will help you relax and tune in to a positive mood. 

Homemade lunches

Remote Work isn’t a sentence! The vast majority of remote workers fancy dining at home. After all, it’s delicious and healthy. In order not to beat your brains out about what to prepare for lunch every time, make a menu for the week in advance and stock up on food. Avoid complex dishes, let your diet contain simple and healthy foods that can be prepared quickly and easily – fresh vegetable salads, soups, and broths, hot dishes cooked in steam or in the oven. 


Any type of work is doomed to become boring over time. You start to execute it automatically and lose sight of the error. That is unacceptable. Doing a job worse than you can run the risk of wasting motivation over time. So, focus on quality – and good luck!

Completion of the working day and the shift to home mode

Last but not least item on the list. It’s hard to stop working remotely. Very often, you do not have time to complete everything that you have planned for the day, and you decide to work another hour, then another hour. I recommend that you stop working at the same time. If you fail to complete the task on time, then you need to either revise the plan or learn how to deal with procrastination.

Remote Work isn’t a sentence! If you believe that you weren’t made for remote working mode, then you will never know for sure until you try it. Being at the beginning of the journey and have some hurdles is fine, it is natural. Even if you are still doing simple routine work, very soon you will get the hang of it and will be able to distribute tasks to others. Go for it! May productivity and creative energy be with you.

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Carmella Andersson works as a resume writer for the Write My Resumes company. It gives her an opportunity to improve her critical and creative thinking skills.

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Carmella Andersson

Carmella Andersson works as a resume writer for the Write My Resumes company. It gives her an opportunity to improve her critical and creative thinking skills.

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