12 Prayers for Healing and Strength in Hard Times – Short Prayers in the Morning

Life is never perfect; there are ups and downs in your work-life, health, or relationship. There are times when we are completely hopeless and have no idea what to do and where to go? Seeking help becomes difficult, and you are left completely shattered. As a result, only a prayer for healing and strength can help. Sit down, relax and take a moment for yourself. Say a prayer for healing and strength, and you will feel better.

But what if you don’t have any idea about healing prayer, Don’t worry! Check out this blog, where we will provide you a list of prayers for healing and strength that will bring peace to your life. However, you might not know that how powerful saying a healing prayer can be.

In conclusion, this blog will give a list of short prayers that will help in the speedy recovery of your loved ones, attain mental peace in your life, and protect you and your child. Moreover, these prayers will bring all the positivity and comfort to your life.

12 Prayers for Healing and Strength in Hard Times

Prayer for healing the sick

Lord Jesus, I know now that you might hate what the illness is doing to your child. Firstly, in the name of Jesus, we ask you to cure this disease and save him from all the illnesses. Above all, thank you for controlling everything that happens in our life from the first breath to the last one.

-Wendy van Eyck

Miraculous healing prayer

Lord Jesus, I ask you again to do what only you can do in my life. You are the one who can perform miracles, so please do a miracle in me. Help me remove all my pain and worry and show me the path to fight for myself. Help me get a vision and the motive in life. Consider all my efforts. I love you, Lord, Amen.

Susie Larson

Healing prayer for strength and purpose in life

Dear Jesus, I ask you to heal me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I completely lean on you, Lord, to help me find that purpose in life. Please give me the strength to be strong and resilient each day. I believe that you have a great purpose for everyone in their life. I need you this day and always. Amen!

Debbie Mac Daniel

Healing prayer to mend the broken

Heavenly Father, I request you right now in a special way. Because of your power, every breath that I take in the morning reminds me of your power. I ask you to please touch me with that same power and help me create myself. Moreover, help me heal from the power of your spirit. Moreover, help mend what is broken, root out all the productive cells, open my blocked arteries, and build the damaged areas. Remove all the inflammation and cleanse my infection. Help me to restore my full health, mind, and body. Amen!

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Prayer for healing for a friend

Oh God, I think of a friend who is ill. Comfort him and help him heal his suffering. We beg for deliverance at submitting that no healing is too hard for the Lord. Therefore, we pray to you to bless our friend with your love and care and help him renew his strength. Thank you, Lord.

Short prayers for children 

Lord, you love our child like you love all children. Bring healing to a child who is not doing well. Please stay by his side and comfort him through this tough time. Keep his mind full of your loving presence. Moreover, bless us with your powerful healing and comfort.

A prayer for the sick child

Father in heaven, I request you to bless our child with love and health. It is unbearable to see our child in pain, but our faith will never wave. We believe in you, your grace, love, and compassion. Please heal all the diseases my child is suffering from.

Prayer for strength for a sick child

Heavenly Father,

I lift my child for healing. I ask you to restore all his energy and health. In addition, give him the strength and courage to overcome the difficult situation. He is quite innocent to understand what is going on. Dear God, hold his hand give him strength. Please shower some love on him!

Prayer for the sick

Oh Lord, we pray for all those people who are facing illness today. We request you to bring healing, comfort, and peace to their bodies. Above all, heal everyone and let everyone experience the healing power of your love. In your name, Amen!

Prayer for inner strength

O God, please give me the strength to deal with every situation. Above all, give me the power and wisdom to stay ahead in life. Guide my thoughts, words, and actions so that I can walk on the path of love, peace, and care. Amen!

Prayer for healing children strength 

Merciful Jesus, thanks for being my guide and joy of hope for years. I come seeking refreshment and peace. In addition, please show me some mercy, help me fight my fears and anxieties, and let me attend the peace in my life. Amen!

Prayer for Self-care 

Lord, lift me up with your blessings. I pray that you help me build strength and power. I pray that you give me patience and wisdom to deal with the odds of my life. Moreover, encourage me throughout the day and make sure that every step that I take in my life is towards healthy living and success.

Hope this prayer for healing and strength helps you out and gives you the strength to face every difficulty in life.


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