Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA December

December is almost here, and there is no doubt that it is one of the most beautiful times during the entire year. Planning out a vacation with your family or partner to the USA is one of the best decisions you could ever take. Here is good news! We are going to list the top 10 places to visit in USA December. If you are also planning to go to the USA, this blog will help you design the best itinerary. 

Here are the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in USA December


Idaho is one of the most underrated winter destinations in the USA. This place has a stunning landscape view. You are going to love the Sawtooth Mountains covered with snow. If you are someone who loves skiing then, this place is no less than heaven for you.

Savannah, Georgia

If you are looking for the best places to visit in December for couples in the USA, then this is one of the most beautiful spots you will ever come across. One of the oldest cities in the Peach State, this place is surrounded by oak trees, stately mansions and historic squares. You will witness the most scenic beauty over here. The gardens are pretty impressive, and you will be mesmerized by the magnificent water fountain of Forsyth Park. Enjoy the romantic walk with your partner in the evening. You can also enjoy the authentic Southern cuisine at the riverside restaurant.

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Las Vegas is one of the cheapest warm places to visit in December in the USA. This place is quite popular worldwide for its non-stop buzz, deserts, and affordability. There is no doubt that it best places to visit in December in west coast USA. Here, you will get great discounts on airfares and hotels.

You can enjoy casinos, clubs, and scenic views over here. If you plan to enjoy your Christmas and New Year over here, then book air tickets in advance because this place is highly packed during New Year’s. You can enjoy hiking at Red Rock Canyon or snowboarding on Mountain Charleston.

Taos, Mexico

In December you are going to enjoy a bunch of rich cultural activities at Taos. Here, you will find both natural and traditional aspects of New Mexico. This place is perfect for skiing. If you visit this place around Christmas, you will be mesmerized by the streets and parks of the states decorated so well.

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Oaxaca, Mexico

Another most beautiful city in Mexico is Oaxaca. This place is located in Southern Mexican City and has many underrated tourist spots to enjoy in December. You will find great deals and discounts on hotel rooms and some local venue places.

You can go for a bike tour or enjoy a walk through ancient Monte Alban. How about going to multiple churches? This place has so much to offer. If you are a shopaholic, then don’t forget to visit Plaza De Armas. If you are planning to visit around 20th December, don’t forget to miss out on Noche de RosRabanos, also known as the night of the Radishes. It is one of the historical festivals celebrated in the City you can be a part of music, dance some great food and firecrackers. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy the competition for the best carved Radish.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah is a perfect spot for adventure lovers and wants to enjoy the rich cultural heritage. Salt Lake City is the warm place to visit in December in the USA. If you’re going for skiing activities, rent a car at the most affordable prices from here. Enjoy the beauty and architectural framework of the Mormon Temple. However, you can still enjoy architecture from the sidelines.


Minneapolis is yet another underrated winter destination in the USA. This place looks beautiful in the wintertime and deserves much more appreciation.

You can enjoy the significant winter outdoor events. You can also be a part of a tremendous family-friendly winter carnival, ice sculptures in the USA, pond hockey championship. Be a part of the great City of Lake Lopete ski festival.

Pasadena California

If you are planning to go to the USA in December, don’t forget to attend the Pasadena Rose parade held on 1st January. You can enjoy marching bands, horses and tons of botanical gardens over here. Book tickets in advance if you want to be a part of the parade, deco week, or band fest.



If you want to experience winter sports or be a part of snowy scenery, Alaska is one of the best places to visit in USA December. You can explore the frosty surroundings of Anchorage, or how about enjoying glacier heights or dogsledding tours. You can also witness Alaska’s human and natural history at the Museum of the North. If you are visiting here, then don’t forget to enjoy the Aurora winter train.

Montego Bay and Kingston Jamaica

If you want to escape the winter and enjoy your time in a beach destination, nothing is better than Montego Bay and Kingston in Jamaica. These are the two most favored vacation spot and offers great deals and discounts in December. So, if you want to relax and enjoy the mountains or chill out near the pool, this is a perfect place for you. There are many hotel shuttles and taxis, so you don’t need to spend money on rental cars. Everything is included in the pack, so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the cost.

Punta Cana, Dominican republic

Punta Cana is yet another warm destination to visit in the USA in December. This place is warming, beautiful and mesmerizing during December. You can enjoy the great deals and all-inclusive packages over here. This place is surrounded by turquoise water, and you can spot white sandy beaches all around. If you are an adventure junky, you can enjoy a zip-line through the rainforest canopy or be a part of windsurfing or kiteboard. You can also enjoy sailing, diving and snorkeling. Don’t worry; if you are not an adventure lover, you can still enjoy golf, horse riding, walking around the beach, and relaxing.

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