Online counselling helps to satisfy the surging demand for mental health support

If therapy on your terms and in your own space sounds appealing, you’re not single. While not the right antidote for everyone, online therapy (aka telehealth) is quickly becoming one of the top ways the nation seeks mental health services.Whether you’re new to therapy or curious about how online psychological counselling India endeavours, you’ll want to take some time to study what’s available.

Inner Healing gives more information about why seeking such online psychologist therapy India support can cause a person to do good.

These days, people have the extra benefit of being able to access online mental health support as well as traditional in-person counselling, which makes appointments easier. Online counselling is a discreet alternative and redeems travel time. Due to the Covid pandemic, many of us are habituated, anyhow, to communicating more via electronic channels than in-person meetings. Distance counselling provides several transmission options.

You can use several ways at different times as you wish, based on your needs, availability, and comfort. For instance, Inner Healing, one of the largest online counselling platform, offers counselling from the best psychologist in India online in four helpful ways:

  • .Exchanging messages with your counsellor
  • Chatting live with your counsellor
  • Speaking over the phone with your counsellor
  • Video conferencing with your counsellor.

Online psychological counselling For mental health support

Online therapy became increasingly important in 2020 as people sought experienced help to deal with the emotional and mental consequent The COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is online therapy far more available these days with more therapists turning to online platforms to continue their practice, but it has also proven to help those dealing with isolation, sadness, anxiety, and even survivor’s sorrow.

Mental health plans

Online therapy is not only a tremendous option for those who are reluctant or unable to leave the safety of home, but it’s also a considerable solution for those juggling multiple responsibilities, such as parenthood, schooling, and remote job. Most health insurance providers now wrap online therapy sessions,

which can bring about talking to a professional low-cost and even free, according to American’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Some Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) also propose free trials and sessions for several online therapy websites, which could help workers gain the key to a professional

What are the benefits of online therapy?

1.Accessibility: Anyone with an internet connection can join in on online therapy.

2.Time efficiency: Online therapy and counselling eradicate travel time between appointments or support group meetings. You can also mould it to your plan and don’t have to call out sick to a job to make it to your appointment.

3.Cost-effectiveness: Online therapy is usually inexpensive than in-person visits and most health insurances cover part of the cost.

4.Eliminates geographical barriers: If your ideal therapist resides in another state or country, you can still get medication with them.

5.Comfort: Some people might find it simpler to open up to a therapist when they’re in the privacy and satisfaction of their own home.

6.Safety: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth excludes the risk of potential exposure.

COVID-19 is plopping an enormous strain on mental health services upkeep.

Just as different countries are comprehending the need to allot greater resources for the treatment of people enduring mental distress, the COVID-10 pandemic has unexpectedly put enormous extra pressure on service provision.  COVID-19 could create a conceivable 50% increase in the occurrence of behavioural health conditions. At the very time, people affected by mental illness are likely to need more assistance than usual, mental health systems are at risk of losing capability due to hospital overload and clinic closure to provisions for social distancing.

Shortage of service providers

At the same time, there is a long-standing, significant shortage of mental health care providers and resources in various countries. Though the COVID-19 response to date has focused primarily on containing spread and preventing mortality, the pandemic has the potential to create a secondary crisis of psychological distress and mental health system overload.

Advantages of in-person counselling vs. online counselling

Advantages of in-person counselling distinguished with online counselling for mental health problems, as outlined in the table below:

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