Mindfulness-Focusing and Living in the Present Moment

How will you define mindfulness? Is it to be active, alert, or live in the moment. Why it is very important to live in the moment to enjoy every bit of life. We live in a fast Hi-Tech world where it becomes impossible to maintain the peace and activeness of mind. Sometimes past memories keep haunting us and some other day and worried about our future.

In this article, we will talk about how to live in present and keep your mind open alert and attentive.

How to define Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about being in the present controlling your thoughts not worrying about the future and not pushing yourself to the past. You need to stay active happy unaware of your surroundings to lead a happy life and reduce stress. The lack of mindfulness leads to weakness low immunity more stress and lower self-esteem.

So it is very important to control your thoughts and active a lot.

How to live in the moment?

We understand that it is quite difficult to live in the moment when you have gone through a bad experience in life. But remember every bad night has a beautiful morning – Mindfulness-Focusing and Living in the Present Moment.

  • If you are a bit made up right now and an audible to live in the present moment then the following methods will help you out to enjoy life to the fullest and be in the moment.

  • This might sound so Bollywood but is one of the best ways to get rid of your past. Free yourself from all the past positions gifts for anything that reminds you about the past bad experience when you will have no access to that procession in the present you want to think about it.
  •  Learn to appreciate yourself and your efforts. no matter whether you succeed or fail what importance is you put on your efforts. So for your every achievement gift yourself a small gift please yourself.
  • Learn to forgive. it is very difficult to forgive people who have hurt you. But this will help you to move on. Don’t let their efforts or their actions affect your mood and present. Salon to let go and choose to be happy at the moment
  • Dream about what you want to be where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years but instead of worrying about your future learn to work hard in present. Don’t let your dreams spoil your present moment. Be productive but enjoy the time with your family and friends as well.
  • Stop worrying and stress less about things. Accept your failures but don’t be harsh and don’t let the stress drain your mental energy. Last but not least look for the solutions. Every problem has a solution all you need is to put on a force to do for the solution instead of crying for what happened.

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What is the simple exercise to cultivate your mindfulness?

If you are looking for some simple exercise to cultivate your mindfulness then, we have some best exercises for you:

  • You cannot deny the importance of mediation. Try to practice meditation daily. Give yourself at least 10-15 minutes. Don’t think about anything just breathe and keep your mind controlled and free from thoughts.
  • Few minutes and dedicate yourself to a workout session. All your anger and frustration stress will be released when you work out so long to turn on negative thoughts and energy in a positive direction.
  • Practice listening and observing what is happening around you the best way to feel motivated and mindful is to observe the nature around you. if you are not able to focus on one thing then go to a park near you or spend time with your pet.

Life is beautiful so learn to appreciate it!

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