Is living together before marriage a good or bad idea? Everything you need to know about live in relationship by our experts.

Is living together before marriage a good or bad idea? There has been a lot of debate about whether a live-in relationship is a good idea or bad. Experts have different studies and suggestions. You will be surprised to know that many experts don’t think that living with your partner before marriage is a wise idea. However, many couples believe that it is good to live together before marriage to get an idea about how their future marriage life would look or what their partner’s habits are.

But the question is living together before marriage makes any sense. To answer this question, we have listed a few studies and suggestions made by relationship experts.

If you want to know what these experts say, give a 2-minute read to this article.

Why living together before marriage is not a good idea? 

Many people believe that cohabitation is an excellent approach to get an idea about your life when you get married to your partner. Many types of research indicate that couples who live together before marriage have higher chances of getting a divorce in the future. People tend to give up on their relationship easily and don’t consider marriage a sacred thread that connects them.

Research also indicates that people who stay in live-in a relationship are more likely to experience domestic violence, sexual unfaithfulness, and a higher level of no satisfaction and happiness.

Another expert believes that people who live together before marriage get pretty comfortable with the lifestyle. Such couples have less satisfying marriages and higher chances of breaking up. In many cases, in a living-in relationship, you don’t give it a try to make a relationship work. The marriage binds you together, and hence, you put efforts to stay together.

A couple in a live-in relationship can test their compatibility to make a better decision about getting hitched or not. But in many cases, studies have shown the opposite results are more common. Cohabitation before marriage results in lower marital happiness and stability.

Why living together before marriage is a good idea? 

Living together before marriage has its own set of positive impacts as well. Some of them are:

You get to know about your partner’s habits, good or bad. It will be beneficial to know your partner’s habits beforehand.

Living together can either break your relationship or make it. It helps in deciding whether you are ready for a lifelong commitment with your partner or not. It helps you to know that is your partner the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

In a live-in relationship, you get an idea about how your married life will look. You develop compatibility, compassion, and better understanding when you are living together before marriage.

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Myths about Marriage

Couples who live together before marriage, and are able to test how well they are for each other, tend to have more satisfying and longer-lasting marriages than couples who do not. Several studies have found that people who live together before marriage have less satisfying marriages and are significantly more likely to eventually break up.

One major reason is that people who live together may be more cautious to commit and more likely to stop when trouble arises. Furthermore, the act of living together can lead to attitudes that lead to a happy marriage. Findings from a recent study suggest, for example, ‘there may be less motivation for cooperating partners to develop their conflict resolution and support skills.


It depends on individuals and their preferences. There are couples who lived together before marriage and are spending their happy married life together. While there are couples who ended up even before getting married and some got divorced. In relationships you fight against all odds together, you work on making your relationship healthy and happy. So, work for your relationship whether you stay together before marriage or not. You need to love compassionately without sacrificing your self-esteem.



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