How to stop giving yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve you – Be with someone who chooses only you, not other things

How to get over someone who doesn’t deserve you? The end of a relationship is never easy. Whether it was almost a relationship or a love you thought would last forever, it’s hard to pick up the pieces and move on, especially since you tend to replay and cut everything out. Get a Hold of Yourself. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the person didn’t deserve you in the first place. Go ahead and stay strong – you owe so much to yourself.

11 Ways How to stop giving yourself to someone who doesn’t deserve you

1. You don’t deserve a guy who can’t give you what you want

You might not see it right away, but you have to know that the ending is a huge blessing in disguise. Things don’t work out in some relationships and that’s okay because it often means they weren’t made for it. Let the pieces fall as they want and focus on rebuilding yourself. You are the only piece that really matters.

2. Believe you deserve to be treated like a queen

You shouldn’t waste your time and stress about an idiot who wasn’t treating you well in the beginning. If he was treating you the way you wanted to, you would still get along, but he didn’t and that’s his loss, not yours. You shouldn’t feel awful if you tried your best and it wasn’t sufficient for him.

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4. The right guy is not going to hurt you like this

There are good guys and bad guys out there and good guys don’t make you feel like crap about yourself when things don’t work out – they’re mature and know how to act like grown men. Pay attention to the fact that all that is happening right now is just a clear sign that he is the wrong guy. What’s right for you is still out there.

5. It is not your fault – it’s just life

It’s easy to let yourself get caught up in self-doubt and self-sabotage when things don’t work out with the guy you were really invested in, but don’t sweat it. It’s not anything you said or did, and even if it is, it’s only his opinion and shouldn’t affect your opinion of yourself. You are still an amazing catch. There is somebody who might be listening who will see it.

6. You are wonderful in your own right – you don’t need to affirm that

You were fine in front of him and you are going to be more than fine after him too. Regardless of how great he may have made you feel at times, he isn’t your primary source of happiness – you are. You are already perfect and even though you want to find love that is wonderful, you really don’t need it to live a wonderful life. Try to keep this in mind when you start to feel about a setback.

7. Holding on to the past will not lead you to the future you deserve

The longer you hold on to the heartache and despair, the longer you are prolonging the journey of love that is meant for you. It’s okay to be upset, but don’t be there forever.

8. You have a lot to look forward to

Every negative and defeating emotion you are feeling is something that you can easily turn into a positive. You dated a guy who turned out to be a jerk, but now you know better and you should know that your love story is still coming and the pages are unwritten. Do not dwell on sadness – drown in the excitement of what is to come.

9. Trust the process

It’s so easy to do, but this whole dating circus is hard on everyone. Good dates seem as few and far between as they are, but unfortunately, we need to get over the bad ones first in order to reach the good ones. It sucks when you go through it, but soon you’ll look back and see that everything was worth it.

10. Don’t let a jerk express your happiness

No setback is worth your tears or energy, and while it’s totally fine and sometimes it takes a few days to work it out, it’s not worth your time anymore. He was not treating you right and didn’t make the same effort that you did. He didn’t see how wonderful and wonderful you really are, so don’t let him win you over by drowning him in a state of grief. he’s not worth it.

11. You have to keep going

You know exactly who you are and you have to offer a man who truly deserves you, so move on and on upwards towards the guy who is going to give a real shit about you. Sooner or later, you’re going to end up with the perfect person for you. You owe yourself the dignity of a bright future.

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