How to stay motivated when losing weight?

Starting a weight loss journey isn’t that easy. It requires dedication, determination, and constant motivation. If you have also decided to become fit and lose weight but need some real motivation in this entire journey. We are here to help you! This blog will give you a complete guide about how to stay motivated when losing weight.

Top 10 ways on how to stay motivated when losing weight

Here are the top ten ways to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Focus on your goals

Before starting your weight loss journey you need to decide what your goals are and focus accordingly. If your aim is to reduce belly fat then, work out accordingly. If your aim is to gain strength then, look for a strength training schedule. So, plan out before you work out.

Be realistic with your approach

Always be realistic with your weight loss approach. If you are focusing on strength training then, lift the weight that your body allows. Never be in a hurry or rush. If you cannot work out daily then, prepare a schedule that allows you to at least work out 3 to 4 times a week. Try to schedule your workout sessions according to your timetable. The most important thing about this weight loss journey is to enjoy your workout schedule.

Don’t expect faster results

You cannot lose weight in one day. Losing weight is an entire journey in itself. No two people can have the same results at the same time. So, never expect faster results. Be patient and consistent with your approach. You will start noticing changes in your body after a certain amount of time.

Learn to appreciate yourself

Learn to appreciate your body, your flaws, and yourself. You have already taken a step forward in this journey. Enjoy cheat meals, treat yourself and feel good about yourself and your body.

Look for social support or group

Sometimes you need a friend a partner or a social support group with whom you can make your workout sessions more interesting. So, look for a friend who is also planning to start a weight loss journey. This will help you and your partner in motivating each other.

Don’t aim for perfection

One of the most important weight loss motivation tips is to you never aim for perfection. Nobody is perfect so make sure to be consistent in your efforts instead of running behind perfection. Make sure that you work out on a regular basis even if you take breaks during your sets.

Take breaks and never force your body

Don’t be harsh on your body. It is a good idea to take breaks once in a while. You can enjoy a cheat meal once a week or go for a body massage if your body needs some refreshment. Learn to pamper your body and keep it motivated and make it worth remembering.

Get a pet to help you out

Pets like dogs help you to get the motivation to lose weight. You can take them for regular walks or outings. Play with them. They help you in turning your boring workout schedule more entertaining.

Seek a professional help

Even after working for months, you are not able to notice any significant results then, seek professional help. Look for a trainer or a mentor. You can also join gym, or yoga classes for better guidance. Also, consult your nutritionists and eat food accordingly.

 Document your journey

Last but not the least; try to document your entire weight loss journey. So, before you start your weight loss journey make sure to measure your weight and inches. This will give you an idea about how much you need to lose and how much you have lost. You can also prepare a v-log or record your entire journey.

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Psychology of weight loss motivation

There are a few psychological tips on how to stay motivated when losing weight.


As you read earlier, setting your goals is very important before starting any weight loss journey. You need both physical activity and a proper diet to achieve certain results. So, make sure to decide on your goals and then, plan your workout sessions accordingly. It is not necessary to keep bigger goals instead aim for small goals.

Monitor yourself

It is very important to monitor your body and measure your weight before you start your journey. This helps in giving you motivation. Keep a close check on the food that you eat. Try to avoid eating junk or unhealthy food. You will start noticing effective results if you maintain a proper diet along with your weight loss journey. The aim is to eat healthy instead of eating nothing.

Stress can increase your weight

This might sound odd to you but stress impacts your weight. If you are stressed about something your body will release natural steroid hormones which trigger the transition of progenitor cells into fat cells. There is a high probability that if you are stressing you will eat more. So, try to reduce your stress by doing meditation, yoga, or talking to people. You can also go for a counseling session in case you need it.

So, start your weight loss journey today. Hope this article has helped you out in knowing how to stay motivated when losing weight. Learn to appreciate your efforts and never compare your results with other people. Everybody is unique and everyone requires a certain time to attain the desired fitness level. Some might lose weight in 1 month while for some other it might take 6 months. So, start from today and enjoy each day in this entire process.

Good luck!

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