How to keep Teeth Clean and Strong

How to Keep Teeth Clean and Strong? The surface of your teeth is called the enamel. This helps protect them from decay. Some breakage is normal, but there’s a lot you can do to keep that barrier strong.

Take these 5 easy steps for How to Keep Teeth Clean and Strong

1. Limit sugary foods and beverages

The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar from foods and drinks. They then form acids, which soften and tarnish your enamel. Chewy candies that stick to your teeth can also cause damage. Soft drinks may contain added acid.

Soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners are a better choice than those containing sugar, but they are also acidic and will erode enamel over time.

2. Eat Enamel-Protecting Foods

The calcium in food counteracts the acid in your mouth that causes decay. It also helps to keep your bones and teeth strong. Former President of the American Dental Hygienists Association, Pamela L. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products help protect and strengthen enamel, says Quinones. Pick low-fat or without fat things to help hold calories down.

If you don’t eat dairy, look for calcium-rich foods.

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3. Avoid over-brushing

If you brush too fast and hard you can damage your enamel. Hold the soft-bristled brush at about a 45-degree angle from your gums. Then move it back and forth in short, gentle strokes, about a tooth’s distance.

Wait an hour after eating sweet or sour fruit before brushing your teeth. Acidic foods can soften enamel and make it easier for you to damage it.

4. Use fluoride

The American Dental Association (ADA) calls fluoride “nature’s hole contender” since it reinforces your polish and recuperates the beginning phases of tooth rot. Fluoride makes your teeth more impervious to acids from food sources and from microscopic organisms in your mouth.

The ADA proposes fluoride toothpaste when the essential tooth appears and for the span of your life. Washing with a mouthwash containing fluoride can in like manner help hinder discouragements and keep your clean strong.

5. Treat Heartburn and Eating Disorders

On the off chance that you have serious indigestion, stomach acids can get away and at last arrive at your mouth, where they can disintegrate veneer.

The eating disorder bulimia, in which people vomit after eating a meal, is another threat to your enamel.

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How to clean your teeth

In addition to following a complete oral care routine, you can support your teeth cleaning efforts by avoiding cigarettes and other tobacco products, eating healthily, and visiting a dental professional regularly. Keep these other tips in mind to keep teeth clean:

Remove stains: If you can’t brush your teeth after consuming food or beverages that can stain your teeth, protect clean teeth by rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash.

Eat right: Eating a balanced diet promotes a healthy mouth, healthy teeth, and healthy gums. The American Dental Association prescribes keeping between-supper snacks to a base to advance a solid mouth. If you need a snack, some healthy mouthful options include raw vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese, or a piece of fruit, such as an apple or pear.

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