How to deal with an emotionally unstable partner

How to deal with an emotionally unstable partner? When you’re looking for a mate or even just new friends, it may be wise to look for some possible clues that a person may be drama-prone. During certain stages of life, it can be especially important to surround yourself with people who are easy to bond with or be friends with.

People with a tendency toward emotional instability can have a lot of great qualities, but they can also be hard-working, and whether you’re up for it will depend on your own circumstances and the balance of the situation. So, I’m not saying that you should immediately remove people who have any of the following characteristics but be thoughtful about your decisions.

How to deal with an emotionally unstable partner

Since we know a portion of the signs and indications of an impulsive individual, here are a few things you can do to manage them.

1. Step back and observe

Ask yourself if you did anything wrong. Because they tend to gaslight other people (see above), emotionally unstable people make you question your actions and sanity. Be objective, and observe them and yourself. Have you really done anything wrong? Maybe not.

2. Get other people’s perspectives

Tell your stories to trusted loved ones. Tell them what happens in your conversation, and get their opinion on whether your partner is overacting, or if you really did something wrong. Someone on the outside will have a clearer view of what’s going on.

3. Don’t play in their drama

As the expression goes, “It takes two to tango.” all in all, one can’t play the game alone. They need someone else to participate. But don’t give in to their drama. Refuse to join in and walk away.

4. Walk away when they attack you

If and when they attack you verbally, mentally or emotionally, leave the conversation. Don’t allow them to do this to you! Demand that they speak to you nicely, and don’t accept anything less than that. If they can’t respect you, end the conversation as long as they can.

5. Seek Respect

Remind them that the way they are talking to you is unacceptable. There is one very important thing to remember: You teach people how to treat you. Demand that they treat you with respect.

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6. Be calm

Don’t get caught up in their emotional storms. This is easy to do because you want to defend yourself, but it just plays into their play. Try to stay calm and happy.

7. Don’t fall into the trap of gaslighting

When they try to gaslight you, refuse to accept it. Pay attention to the things they tell you and what they do, so that you have a record. When they try to deny things to make you look crazy, take out your record and show them the truth.

8. Suggest Treatment

times, an emotionally unstable person does not recover on his own. Going to a trained therapist or psychologist is something they should probably do – both on their own, and maybe even as a couple.

9. If all else fails, end the relationship

Unfortunately, not all relations can remain- even under the best of situations. If you’ve tried your best to heal your relationship and make it healthier with someone emotionally unstable, sometimes it’s time to end the relationship and find someone else with whom you are more compatible.

11 Signs of being emotionally unstable Partner

We all have bad days and mood swings – that’s just the nature of being human. But how do you know when someone has crossed the threshold from normal, everyday feelings to being emotionally unstable? Here are some pointers.

  • Angry Outbursts
  • Overly Dramatic
  • Gaslighting
  • Mood Swings
  • Inappropriate Anger
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Tries to “One up” You
  • Inability to Admit When They Are Wrong
  • Sense of Entitlement
  • Dealing With Problems Irrationally
  • Too IntenseBlaming Others

Final Words

Being involved with an impulsive individual is rarely simple.. You feel like you never know how they’re going to act or what they’ll say next. But that’s no way to live. Everyone deserves to be in a happy relationship. Remember to adore yourself enough to put yourself and your joy first!

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