How to Celebrate Janmashtami at Home

How to Celebrate Janmashtami at Home? This festival is celebrated by the Hindu majority of people all over India. People call this festival by different names like Krishna Janmashtami, Sri Jayanti, Gokilashtami, and Sri Krishna Jayanti. Master Krishna was born to drive away evil from the earth and spread the message of adoration and fraternity.

Lord Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva and proved the prophecy of killing the merciful Kansa. However, King Kansa attempted to kill Bal Krishna when he was exceptionally youthful each time his endeavors were to no end.

It is not always possible to celebrate Janmashtami with full pomp. You may be a devotee who lives away from a temple or cannot visit a temple due to circumstances. But you don’t need to panic.

Here are 11 simple and easy rituals to How to Celebrate Janmashtami at Home:

Perform a puja for Krishna 

Place an image of Lord Krishna on a perfect special stepped area with sandalwood paste, turmeric, garlands, and kumkum. Light a Diya and offer flowers, fruits, sweets, and snacks to them. Flowers and basil leaves are dear to Krishna. Chant Krishna hymns and offer aarti (light offerings) to the Lord. Distribute sweets and fruits as prasad at the end of the puja.

Make it a Group Puja 

Invite your family and friends to join the Puja to add joy to the occasion. Involve everyone from children to elders in the decorations and rituals.

Decorate your home 

You can hang small handi (earthen pots) and colorful decorative items to decorate the house on this occasion. In South India, small footprints made of rice flour are drawn from the door to the worship area, signifying the Lord's arrival at their homes.

Dress up your little ones 

Your joy knows no bounds when you dress up your little one as beautiful, colorful as Krishna or Radha.

Offer God his favorite food 

Krishna likes butter, sweets like laddus, kheer, etc. Offer their favorite food to satisfy them on their birthday.

Chant Bhajans and Mantras for Krishna 

You can simply chant Krishna Mahamantra or any shloka/bhajan in praise of God using a rosary.

Read Holy Scriptures 

Indulge yourself in reading Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavadama or stories of Krishna.

Organize Satsang

You can gather women in your neighborhood to sing hymns and hymns to Lord Krishna and enjoy the ceremony.

Exchange small birthday gifts 

You can ask your friends and family members to bring gifts for Lord Krishna and exchange them after the puja.

Can make it exciting for your kids Ask your kids to help with the decorations. They can help with balloons or in making and hanging garlands. They will be eager to help and will have a lot of fun too.

You can also dress up your little boy as Krishna and if you have a younger daughter then she will look perfect in Radha's dress.

Prepare God's Favorite Food

Vaishnava temples prepare a huge feast and there are hundreds of dishes to offer to Lord Krishna. You will be unable to do it for an enormous scope, however, you can in any case attempt Lord Krishna's number one food like Khichdi, Kheer, and Laddu.

Chant the name of God

If you do not want to involve too many people in the celebration or simply cannot perform the puja, you can chant the Krishna Maha Mantra or any other mantra or shloka on the Japa Mala (garland of beads). can choose to do. This will help you feel nearer to the Lord.

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