How to Be Mentally Strong and Happy no Matter What

Everyone wants to know how to be mentally strong and happy throughout the day. And it’s easy, sometimes. Sometimes, life seems like a breeze. But when you start smiling some bullshit comes along and breaks your day to pieces.

Well, not today.

Because today I am going to share 18 tips to be mentally strong and happy.

  • I’ll show you how to wake up positive and happy
  • How to be happy all day long
  • Ways to train your brain
  • How to keep your strength no matter what.

Top 9 Ways How to be Mentally Strong and Happy 

Try the suggestions below. And let me know if they help you keep a smile on your face.

1.To Please Your Soul, Learn To Dance

According to research from Heidelberg University in the article “Effects of dance movement therapy and dance on health-related psychological outcomes: A meta-analysis,” dance is one of the best practices for mental health.

There are many health benefits of dancing.

According to Harvard Medical School, dancing increases levels of serotonin—the brain’s natural happy drug. So if you’re one of those people who “don’t like to dance” if you go and dance you’ll probably be happy within two minutes.

2. Fight Laziness to Slow Mental Atrophy

One of the major causes of mental weakness is laziness. A healthy mind requires exercise and effort. And yes, laziness stops all that.

I say laziness; I really mean mental health problems due to which people act sluggishly. According to Dr. Devon Price’s book Laziness Don’t Exist, because science has proven that laziness is just a myth.

Either way, combating “laziness” is essential. If you want to be mentally strong and healthy then you need to exercise.

3. For Emotional Perseverance, Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize our feelings and the feelings of other people.

To do this, we need:

  • Emotional awareness
  • The ability to use emotions positively
  • Emotional regulation

When we have high emotional intelligence, we are less likely to suffer from a mental health problem like stress

4. Use mental hygiene for a good mindset

Mental hygiene refers to how clean we keep our minds. And this is one of the main ways to keep the mind happy. [Here’s my guide to improving your mental hygiene]

Our mental hygiene is a result of

  • what we put into our minds
  • and the effort we put into clearing our minds about

for example, we have negative effects (negative people, sources of bad news, etc.) that can improve mental hygiene. What’s more, we can likewise improve our psychological cleanliness by contemplating and unwinding. This is similar to the principle of Pratyahara Yoga written by yoga guru Patanjali in the eight limbs of yoga.

Overall cleanliness of mind has a significant impact on how mentally strong we are. We can improve our mental strength by taking steps to reduce negativity, increase positivity and clear the mind.

5. Stop overthinking

It is true that if we cannot think, then even humanity cannot survive. But it is also true that the average person experiences more thoughts than the mind can handle.

Consider the below facts:

  • 80% of thoughts are negative
  • 98% of thoughts repeat what we previously thought
  • One of the leading causes of depression is repetitive negative thoughts
  • 750 intrusive thoughts per day
  • 13% thoughts out of character and shocking
  • 18% of thoughts are uncomfortable or painful

Simply put; We have to stop overthinking. This is one of the most important ways to become a mentally strong person.

6. Money isn’t everything

One of the main traits of positive people is that they have a good attitude towards money.

I used to believe that experiential life really mattered. I was half right. Science has proven that we need to balance money and “stuff” with experience [Ryan T. Howell, San Francisco State University].

7. Do not succumb to social pressure

Lean fact: We’re destroying each other by putting too much pressure on each other. Social pressure is a significant cause of mental health problems.

We put constant stress and pressure on each other which can have seriously harmful effects on mental health. It can deprive us of our mental strength and leave us broken.

So we need to take steps to remove the societal pressure. This is especially true for teenagers.

8. Developing Mental Toughness

One of the main ways we lose mental strength is through external pressure. Your spouse/boss/friends pressurize you. They ask you to do things you don’t want to do. You give in to other people’s demands. And it all affects the technique you feel about yourself and your inner power.

When we have the mental fortitude, we do not bow down to people. We stick to our guns. We have integrity. And it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Mental toughness helps us to maintain inner strength. It is a mental shield.

9. Begin to Build Your Courage

According to Good Therapy, courage is the ability to face adversity in life, the strength to face fear and the ability to overcome challenges.

Courage is important for both building and maintaining mental strength. When we act courageously, we reduce the effects of fear, and we build confidence. Suddenly we feel stronger than ever.

Also, courage helps us to overcome stress.

Problems make us feel stressed. To stop the stress we need to stop the problem. Furthermore, to stop the issue, we need to confront it, which requires boldness. So, when we are courageous, we tend to let go of stress quickly. In turn, this prevents stress from affecting our mental health.

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