Harnessing Your Emotional Intelligence as a Female Entrepreneur

Being a woman, you are often referred to as “you are too emotional.” It is a criticism usually used by people but being emotional and managing your ability to feel, sense, and manage emotion is an art, a superpower.

No doubt, women have a stronger drive than men when it comes to connecting with people emotionally. For years, we have been trained to connect with people, which works as an asset for economic value.

When used in the right direction, this emotional intelligence can be used as an asset, i.e., sales.

Harnessing your emotional intelligence as a female entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs need to amplify empathy and apply emotional intelligence to sell more and build new connections.

As an entrepreneur, emotional intelligence is the most important factor in increasing sales and building connections. When it comes to reaching out to people, you cannot be aggressive or impatient; you need control over your emotions. Customers might ignore you, but you need to stay calm and convince them to say yes. It is the new way of putting emotional intelligence at work to increase your sales.

As a female entrepreneur, your primary aim is to understand customers’ problems in minutes and then provide them with the needful after understanding their point.

Empathy is the ability to feel someone or put yourself in their shoes. Female entrepreneurs and emotional intelligence are the perfect combinations to read someone’s emotion and provide the needful. To build a connection with your customer, you need to gain customers trust and make them feel that you genuinely care about them.

For example, if you run a gym, the most important aspect that you need to keep in mind is to understand the concern of the clients. Next is to make them feel good about themselves. Many people have anxiety, inferiority complex because of their weight. So you need to understand their state before jumping into the benefits of workouts and a good diet.

Do you know that as a woman, you already have the upper hand! Many research shows that women have more empathy than men.

How to strengthen your emotional intelligence as a female entrepreneur?

You might be thinking that being a woman selling products is so easy, but the reality hits different. There might be days when you have no sales at all. So keeping in mind empathy, we have curated some points that might help you to strengthen your emotional intelligence as a female entrepreneur:

1) Try to talk to new people, engage in your conversation. You can go on lunch or video call with an age-old friend with whom you haven’t talked for a long time. You can randomly strike a conversation with your neighbor. It will help you to build a network of people and, at the same time, increase your confidence level.

2) Try to make curiosity the most important element in your conversation.

3) Try to go beyond the usual small talks. Go for some deeper questions and try to convert the conversation a bit intimate and genuine. Make sure that you listen to that conversation with full attention without speaking much in between.

4) Get out of your comfort zone and try to do things outside of your normal routine. Travel to a new place, meet new people or do something that you haven't done before like playing a new sport or going to a dance class or anything else. It will help you open up your mind, live other people's lives and form different opinions.

5) Try to do these things regularly, and you will start noticing the changes.

How to manage your emotional intelligence as a female entrepreneur during the sales process?

Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind while managing customers during the sales process:

1) The very first step is you need to maintain the right vibe with the customer. Mismatched Vibes often lead to uncomfortable conversations. Understand this state of mind of the customer. Listening and observation are the two most important skills if you are interested in the sales business.

2) Pay attention to every detail. Make sure that you pay attention to the details of the customers.

3) If a customer shows some sign of this disagreement or is underwhelmed, try to understand where these feelings come from.

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