Things You Should Remember when you Feel like a Failure as a Parent

Being a parent is not an easy journey. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, appreciation, love, and laughter. Like every journey, this journey also has its ups and downs. There might arise a situation when you feel like a failure as a parent. For instance, your daughter might have lied to you, your son stole the money, or maybe your child is into depression and trying to end life. It is natural to feel upset, but you need to remember that being a parent is not an easy journey. So in this blog, we will help you out with 11 things to remember when you feel like a failure as a parent.

Here are the things you should remember when you feel like a failure as a parent

Find hopes

The worst thing that could ever happen in any scenario is to lose hope. So be strong enough to face whatever comes your way. As a parent, your child will need you, and you are the only hope that they can rely on. So, push your limits, stay positive and help your child learn and grow. Teach them not to lose hope in any situation and be strong enough to fight all odds.

Accept behavioral changes or mood swings.

While reaching the age of adolescence, our body goes through many changes. There might be a time when your child is super happy while some other day quiet. If you feel your child is tired or feeling alone, accompany them, talk to them, take them for a drive. Indulge them into good conversations every day, and spend time with your child so that they can share what they are going through.

Take help

It is always a good option to learn from the failures of others. If you want to be a good parent and have no idea how to deal with a particular situation, then take help from your parents, grandparents, friends, and people who can help you out. You can also find a counselor and talk to them about a particular situation.

Accept disappointments

It’s okay if you feel like a failure as a parent. Life is all about approvals, disapproval, rejections, and failures. Don’t miss out on your child’s stuff; take them out or maybe go on a vacation. Help the child to learn that disappointments are part of life.

Indulge in activities

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in which you are not alone. Many parents go through the same feeling. Play with your child, go on coffee dates, play football, volleyball, cricket or maybe carrom board. Teach your child to enjoy and live in every moment. Teach them to accept what is coming their way and understand the situation appropriately.

Mental health for real

As a parent, you need to understand that mental health is real and can affect your child. There can be times and situations when your child suffers from stress, anxiety, or depression. So, you need to understand that a healthy and good conversation is a must. If you feel your child is suffering from any mental stress and need professional help, contact a counselor to help you out in this situation.

Apologies and forgiveness

Making mistakes is normal, so if your child makes any mistake be ready to listen, forgive or apologize if you feel there is any mistake from your end. It will help you grow your relationship with your child stronger in the long run. Let your child trust you, and then there will be transparency in this relationship. If you keep punishing your child for every small mistake, they will automatically start hiding things from you. Don’t let fear or lack of trust come in between your relationship.

Try to enjoy your holidays.

Go on short weekends, breaks, or go for dinner outside. More the quality time spent with your children, the better your relationship will be. Keep things a bit light and avoid heavy or upsetting things for the moment. Be funny watch out for a movie; don’t stress much!

Let them face their failures and enjoy their success.

As a parent, you don’t want your child to struggle or fail, but if you keep on fixing things for them, they will start escaping the problematic situations that come in their life. So let your child accept his failures so that they can learn the value of success. Support them love them but don’t fix things for them. If your child is not performing well in his school, tell him to practice more and do more homework. Let them learn that failure is a part of success, and you need to face it to be successful one day.

Don’t expect perfection.

It is natural to expect big goals from your child, but you cannot expect them to be the best in everything. Don’t set the bars too high or compare your child with another kid.

Take care of yourself.

Parenting is a long journey and is one of the toughest jobs. There will be times when you will feel like a failure as a parent, but it’s okay. No one can be perfect in one day, so accept your flaws and work on them. Don’t be disheartened, and remember to take care of your health as well. If you are healthy, you can give your child time, and the problems will be reduced automatically.

You can also get professional help and support for yourself or your child. In this journey, you are not alone, and you both are a support system for each other.

Have happy parenting and be strong enough!

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