Best 40 Encouraging Quotes to Help Keep You Going

There are situations in life when you feel entirely disheartened. In such challenging times, all you need is the right motivation to bring back all your energy. There is no denying that words can’t do wonders for anyone. So, here we have listed some encouraging quotes to help you out. Remember, everyone has bad days, and there are times when nothing goes as we planned, but life is all about the struggle.

If things don’t work this way, you need to come out with some other solution. So, buck up and get ready to start a new day with new thoughts and new motivation. I Hope, these encouraging quotes help you keep going.

In the toughest point of your life, all you need is the right direction and positive motivation.

So, here are a few quotes to keep you motivated during the toughest phase.

Encouraging quotes to stay focused

It is natural to lose focus sometimes but some positive words can rejuvenate your sagging spirit. I Hope, these encouraging quotes help you out!

“Go after your dreams stay focused and never ever leave your goals.” LL Cool J

“Step out of your comfort zone to change, grow and transform into a better version.” Roy T. Bennett

“Your focus is of utmost importance so make sure that you never lose it.” — George Lucas.

“Don’t focus on the probability that you will fail instead focus on the possibilities of success.” — Napoleon Hill

“Do you know who is the victorious man? The one who has laser-like focus”— Bruce Lee.

Encouraging quotes for women

You need to follow your passion, listen to your heart, and give it all. There are times when you will feel everyone is against you so fight against the odd.

“Learn from your criticisms otherwise let it go. Don’t lose your calm or focus.” — Hillary Clinton

“Every day is the same so stop compromising and start working.” –Janis Joplin

“A woman is a full circle. She has the power to create, nurture and transform.” –Diane Mariechild

“Have the courage to protect yourself from every odd. “–Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“Have your own voice because your voice defines you.” –Melinda Gates

Encouraging quotes to bring back your motivation

In the darkest time, a simple ray of hope can do magic. So, don’t give up and remember, a better tomorrow is waiting for you.

“Only the darkest hours will discover your true strength. ” ~Doe Zantamata 

“Remember, no struggle means no progress.” ~Frederick Douglas

“You have that power in you all you need to do is just believe in yourself– Christian D Larson

“To maintain balance, you need to move. Just like you need to move while riding the bicycle.” – Albert Einstein

“Happy spirits will find that things always work out. “– Gordon B. Hinkley

“Believe that you are the creator of your own destiny and never give up” – Babe Ruth

“Have patience everything will work out but never give up your dreams or your goals. “– Harriet Beecher Stow

Encouraging quotes to help you in overcoming any hurdle

“A successful man is a person who laid Foundation from the bricks thrown at him by others.”

~David Brinkley

“Quit talking and start doing; success is all yours. “

“Remember that you are not too old to set a new goal. Believe in yourself.” ~C.S Lewis

“Learn to accept failures and never let them stop you. Your failures define your future and build your character.”

“Do you know what the two pillars of success discouragement and failures are?”

Encouraging quotes to help you learn how to live life

“Your life will get better when you start learning and getting better.” ~Brian Tracy

“Everyone is fighting a battle, but learn to smile, keep your head high, and move forward. Your positive attitude can face anything. ” ~Germany Kent

“Learn, live, and love is the three mantras for happiness.”

“Keep going if you want to achieve great things in life. Quitting will always make you lose everything. ” ~Greyson Chance

So, stop worrying and start learning. We all face one or the other battle daily, but who fights against the odds; wins that battle. Make a difference, and you will start noticing the positive impact on your life. Remember, you are a rockstar, so never give up!

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