Astrology with date of birth | Go For Govt Job Prediction For A Better Chance To Crack Government Jobs

Through their careful observation of celestial bodies such as the planets, our ancestors discovered that their position at the time and place of a person’s birth had a profound effect on all aspects of his life and wealth. Therefore, they design a birth chart or horoscope, consisting of 12 astrological houses corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs.

And draw nine planets in these houses as they are found in the sky on the date, time and place of birth. Examining this government job prediction can reveal many details about a person’s life. It can also predict the future and the prospects based on government jobs. Let’s try to learn something about such forecasting for government work here.

This tenth house in one’s natal chart must be strong enough to get a good job, especially government jobs. The planets sun, moon, Mars, and Jupiter can also positively affect the 10th house. Additionally, several other positions in or around this “office” may also have positive government yoga jobs, and here are some of them:

  • When the planetary ruler of the 10th house is positioned in the mighty quadrant, i.e. in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house; OR in the auspicious Trini, 1st, 5th or 9th house.
  • When Lord of the 9th, House of Happiness is present on the 10th and vice versa; OR these gentlemen together
  • When the 10th host is placed in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house; OR when the 9th host is in the 10th house.
  • When the benevolent planet Jupiter is in the 4th house and thus sets its benevolent gaze on the 10th house
  • When Rahu is in the 10th house or is in the 5th house with 10th hosts

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Astrology with date of birth: The study of various houses are vital while making govt job prediction

If we go into specifics, we can see:

  • The tenth house in the govt job prediction is Karma Stana, the location of the horoscope, occupation, career, etc. Therefore, this house is very important in all government job predictions.
  • When God the 12th house planet is placed in the 11th, 2nd, trine, or quadrant; and if the planets Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the 11th, 6th, or 3rd house, there is a high chance that the locals will be employed in the relevant legal, civil or government departments.
  • However, if the 12th host is in quadrant 11, 2, trine, or quadrant, and Mars is in the 11th, 6th or 3rd house, people can join the army or police.
  • Planet Mercury in the 6th house can indicate government work related to writing.

Venus, Moon and Jupiter in the 5th house can help locals take on government duties. At the same time, Saturn remains Jeevana Karaka, the pointer of livelihood, occupation, occupation, etc. Therefore, the sun’s position in the horoscope can indicate the possible employment of local people in government or authority.

Know the positions of the celestial objects for a successful govt job prediction

Govt job prediction is imaginable when:

  • When the sun is in the 10th house of Karma Sthana. stand up
  • If the sun is in the 10th house, which occurs as the zodiac sign that rules over the sun, it is Leo or the friendly sign of the sun.
  • When the sun is in the 10th house and can also be seen from the planet Mars
  • When Jupiter’s lucky aspect, that is, he sees the sun.
  • Besides, we can see that:

If the sun stays in the 2nd house and sees the planetary rulers from the 10th house, this could mean government work involving the secret services.

  • The third house sun may represent foreign or travel-related government work, whereas the 4th house, the sun, can represent government work on property, income or taxes.
  • While the 6th house sun can indicate government work related to legal services, it could be archaeological research and development or government work when the sun is in the 8th house.
  • Locals can look forward to government jobs in hospitals or prisons when they have the sun in their 12th home birth chart.
  • When the Sun and Mars are in the 10th house together, it can predict future government jobs or anywhere else in the future.
  • Having a government job in kundali can be a good career choice, especially because of the financial benefits. There’s also less stress, more financial security for the future and medical rewards!

Career Horoscope: Know which celestial object will cherish your career 

Due to certain astrological influences, your chances of getting a proper government job now may be more certain. Let’s find out! Chances of working in government by reading govt job predictions can indicate better possibilities.

The tenth house on your birth chart represents your achievements, fame and recognition. People wishing to serve in an IAS, IES, or IPS domain must have a strong 10th House and 10th Lord to be successful. If the sun is in the 10th house, the chances of government jobs are much higher. The poor 10th house has little chance of finding work.


  • The sixth house in your kundali for government job means service or work. People with strong grades six do well in competitive and administrative exams.
  • When considering opportunities for government agencies in astrology, the 11th house should also be tested and the house of effectiveness.
  • To determine the prognosis of government work in astrology, examining the 5th and 9th houses is necessary. The moon and the sun must inhabit these houses. It is also important to look inside the 8th house as it is the 11th house out of the 10th house. Therefore, it symbolizes professional benefits.
  • In addition, the support of Mars, Jupiter, Moon and Sun in the 10th house is also important for your chances of working in government.

And the chances of getting a government job can also vary depending on the govt job prediction as:

  1. The sun is in the 10th house and is under the aspect of Mars.
  2. Place the sun in the 10th house or other signs that match it.

Astrology with date of birth: Know the various career choices 

There is also a career change in your chances for government jobs with the help of govt job yoga in kundali:

  • Worked in the secret service with the government when the sun was number 2 and saw the man in the 10th house.
  • Media (journalism) work or travel when the sun is in the 3rd house.
  • Government jobs related to real estate and the tax department, with Sun ranking 4th.
  • Jobs in the R&D sector or the government archeology department when the sun is in the 8th house.
  • You can also get some government jobs in the legal services sector when the sun is the 6th house.
  • And of course, when the sun is in the 12th house, you have a better chance of getting a government job in a hospital or even in prison.
  • Don’t forget that your luck and govt job prediction by date of birth about government work also has some connection with some planets, such as:
  • Placing Jupiter, Moon and Venus in the 5th house for work related to government mandates.
  • Puts Rahu in the fifth and tenth house together.
  • And for work related to writing, place Mercury in the 6th house.

Of course, everyone wants professional success and financial prosperity early in their career, but not everyone is lucky enough to have it. The trouble-free start of a professional career gives you financial freedom and peace of mind. For people who do not know and are in a dilemma of which career to choose, a government job in astrology will always give them the final orientation.

Career Astrology: Importance of govt job prediction in people’s lives

It is always important to know what a person is destined for or pursuing a career. That is contrary to the laws of the horoscope, is a complete waste of your time and energy. Likewise, it is important to know that if this person is destined for government work or not, he will have to strive for something else guided by government job astrology.

The sun and moon play a very important role in determining whether a person can get a government job or not. The sun and the moon are the two king planets in career astrology. The Sun presides over the Planetary Kingdom and represents the government. Therefore, to find out whether a person can get a job in the government, it is necessary to check the sun’s position on a person’s birth chart. If the sun is the planet Amatyakaraka, then this is a very strong indication of government work.

Saturn also plays a very important role in choosing a career. While Saturn doesn’t specifically represent government work, it does have a holistic meaning, or karaka, for a career.

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