15 Permanent Weight Loss Motivation Tips and Tricks

Starting a weight loss journey can be quite challenging! You need to be patient and take the right nutrition to get results. In this blog, we will help you with some 15 permanent weight loss motivation tips and tricks. Continue reading to get a better idea.

Permanent Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Here we are sharing permanent weight loss tips and tricks to make your weight loss journey is easy:


Prefer walking whenever you can. Avoid taking cabs for a shorter distance. Walking is good for health, environment and saves money. It is one of the best ways to lose weight fast at home.

Eat when you are hungry

Make sure to eat whenever you are hungry, not bored. Decide whether you are hungry or stressed, angry or bored! A tip from an expert is that drink water half an hour before any meal. This will reduce your chances of overeating.

Workout schedule 

Plan a workout schedule. Decide whether you want to workout daily or on alternatives days or twice a week.


Exercise and meals are equally important. So, it is important to have the right nutrient intake before and after a workout. Try to eat food 3 hours before sleeping.

Be a part of fitness group 7

Join a fitness group or look for a fitness freak friend to get weight loss motivation. You can also join a yoga class or a Zumba class. Look for people near you who are also concerned about weight loss.

Eat breakfast daily 

One of the easy ways to lose weight naturally is to work out regularly and never skip breakfast. According to experts, people who eat breakfast lose more weight than people who skip breakfast. Make sure you eat boiled eggs, bread, sprouts, fruit salad, or smoothie whenever you go out!

Stay Committed 

Stay committed to your workout schedule. Promise yourself to eat healthily and go for the right amount of nutrition required by your body.

Use music 

Try to listen to music while working out. This will help you to stay motivated by listening to songs that give you energy and power.

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose weight

It is quite tough to stay motivated, especially when you are on the weight loss journey. So, here we are sharing some permanent weight loss motivations:

Set Purpose 

Decide why you want to lose weight, control your thyroid, adopt a healthy lifestyle, get fit, or reduce your weight. This will help you to stay motivated all the time! Whenever you feel lazy, remind yourself why you want to lose weight.

Plan out a schedule that suits you 

Choose a plan that best suits your need. You can go for less calorie intake or choose portions meals. Don’t try to eliminate food. Instead, go for a diet plan like the keto diet, intermediate fasting. Avoid eating fried and oily food.

Mentor or a partner 

Look for someone who forces you to push your limits. A mentor will guide you about what to do and how to do it! If you cannot find a mentor, go for a friend or your elder brother or sister who motivates you to work out daily.

Accept setbacks 

Remember Rome was not built in a day! Similarly, there will be times when you will face setbacks. There will be times when you will end up eating chocolates or a plate of momos. It’s okay! Don’t be harsh on yourself.

Be patient and let your body work slowly.

3 Diet Motivation Tips for Success 

Diet plays a quintessential role in your journey of weight loss. If you work out regularly but still not losing weight, then you are not taking the right amount of nutrition and proper diet. You can lose weight in simple steps: Exercise, Diet and Reward, and relaxation. Here we are sharing 3 motivational diet tips for consistent success:

Go slow-The new mantra

Don’t be in a hurry, and never expect overnight results. Don’t starve or stay hungry for a longer duration of time as it will make you frustrated. Instead of completely starving, try to cut down calories slowly. You don’t have to be a perfectionist on the first day. Always remember that starting a healthy lifestyle journey requires patience and persistence. It is completely okay to have one cheat meal in a week.

Try setting up realistic goals

Try to set realistic goals which you can achieve easily. Don’t over assume or estimate. If you have planned to eat two healthy diet meals then, go for it. Don’t force yourself!

Try to set short-term goals instead of planning for the long term. Once you achieve short-term goals then, go for long-term goals. It is not possible to lose 10kg in a month, so set a target to lose 1 or 2 kg in a month, and this way, your weight loss journey will be more organized and effective.

Reward yourself for the completion of the goal 

Don’t be harsh on yourself! You need to pay small rewards to yourself once you achieve a goal. Set mini-goals and once you complete them, give yourself some reward like a massage or a new pair of shorts or jeans, or a hot bubble bath. This will give you the motivation to achieve more and better.

These were some permanent weight loss motivation tips and tricks to help you out and make your weight loss journey easy and effective.

Best of luck!

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